Friday, January 4, 2013


Hello to all my fellow supporters and subscribers. I have decided to finally move my blog to my website, I have been blogging about my work, and passion for beauty, for many years now on here and I really really appreciate all the support that I have received! It has spurred me on and kept me writing about reviews, work and opinions for such a long time. I hope you will all please continue to follow my new blog. Different address, same ramblings!
I will continue to update this new blog with everything beauty related! Feel free to also leave comments and I hope to hear from you!

Thanks again,

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Thursday, January 3, 2013


This sleek compact palette is the newest addition to Urban Decays successful Naked collection. It contains six very versatile shades for a neutral to dramatic eye look.
The first eyeshadow (from left to right) is called ‘Venus’ which has a slight sheen to it. This off-white shade can easily add a natural glow to your chosen eye look and accompanies the other matte colours very well.
The second one is called ‘Foxy’. This is a cream shade ideal for highlighting the brown bone and to diffuse the other colours together.
Nearing the middle is ‘Walk of Shame’ and this is a pink nude tone for, again, highlighting the brow bone or for use on the lid area.
Next is ‘Naked 2’ which I would describe as a light taupe brown and great for all over the lids, into the crease and also as a very subtle eye liner along the lower lash line.
‘Faint’ is a deeper shade of ‘Naked 2’ and can be used to add more depth to a neutral eye look or for a gradual smoky eye.
Lastly is ‘Crave’ which is described as a very deep black brown. It’s always good to have a shadow like this in a palette. This colour can be used as a liner or for contouring the crease. The options are endless!
Overall the colour pay off is fantastic. All shades have a velvety feel to them and can be used together or with other colour shadows. The size is travel friendly and it also comes with a mirror in the lid. The packaging can be easily cleaned and it has a study feel.
This product is a great addition to any eyeshadow collection and the price is great for the quantity.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I just thought I’d put together a list of my favourite products that were introduced to me this year. I always like to expand my makeup kit as my work takes me in all different directions and locations. Two days are never the same and that’s one of the reasons I love my job. I do like to experiment with new products that I haven’t used before. There are a few items that do stick in my mind and ones that I will continue to work with.

MAC CREMEBLEND BLUSH IN SOMETHING SPECIAL: I love using cream blushes especially for anyone who has dry skin. I really like MAC’s Cremeblend blushes and their peachy shade of ‘Something Special’ is gorgeous. It’s really flattering for both pale and darker complexions without being too overpowering. I also find that it applies well with a synthetic brush or fingertips and the colour is buildable too. It’s one of many great neutral shades to accompany most makeup looks.
SIGMA’S PERFORMANCE EYES KIT: I am already a big fan of Sigma brushes, which is evident in this blog. I have also previously written a detailed review on this set as well as two others and I would be lost without their Performance Eyes Kit. I personally like to use small eyeshadow brushes for blending and applying rather than larger fluffy ones. It’s purely just personal preference. This set is fantastic and of great quality. I really enjoy having all of these brushes in my kit and they are brilliant for achieving even the finest of detail.
BOBBI BROWN’S LONG WEAR EYE PENCIL: These eye pencils give great results that are just as good as their gel eyeliners. I’ve found that they don’t budge at all especially on the water liner. So far I've used both the black and brown shades. These eyeliners are also soft and creamy in texture and blend easy for a natural or soft smoky look.
CLARINS WONDER PERFECT MASCARA: I have tried many different mascaras over the years and I just wanted to share, that in my experience, this would have to be one of the best. It lasts all day without crumbling and when using this product I found that not much was needed to achieve natural luscious lashes.
ESTEE LAUDER MAXIMUM COVERAGE FOR FACE & BODY: This product helps camouflage any types of blemishes big or small. I like to use it as a concealer rather than a foundation and it is extremely long-lasting. It’s a must have in my kit and appears very natural when applied to areas that need it.
URBAN DECAY’S URBANBROW: This is a clear setting gel for eyebrows. Brows are an important part of any makeup look and this helps make sure that the hairs stay in place. The Urbanbrow doesn’t feel sticky when applied and when it appears very natural when it dries.
CLARINS EYE QUARTET MINERAL PALETTES: These palettes are gorgeous and a great addition to my eyeshadow collection. There are so many shades to choose from! I find the pigment very good and a little goes a long way. They are soft and lightweight on the lids, which is great for anyone with sensitive eyes. They apply beautifully and sheer but buildable depending on the look.
NUXE HUILE PRODIGIEUSE OIL: Oh how I love this oil. I would be lost without it on most of my jobs. This product gives the skin a gorgeous glow but the sheen is so fine it doesn’t look at all glittery. It appears very natural and because it’s an oil it moisturises the skin as well as adding an illuminating effect. This can be used on both the body and face and it really lasts. It is also available without shimmer.
INGLOT AMC EYELINER GEL MATTE IN No.74: I love Inglot’s gel liners and I was looking for the right purple-plum colour to add to my kit. I finally found the right shade in No.74. Its not too bright and really enhances green eyes. It one of many products that I like to use when I want to add some colour to a look.
NUXE ULTRA NOURISHING LIP BALM: This balm comes in a generous amount yet also compact in size. I apply this along with the rest of my skincare on shoots and I find it instantly moisturises the lips. It doesn’t have a greasy feel to it at all and absorbs well. Only a small amount is needed for full effects and I can easily apply lip products after I’ve finished the rest of the makeup look.

F.Y.I: I also love the Nuxe skincare range. It’s amazing, lightweight and great for anyone with even sensitive skin.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Photography: Naomi Gaffey, Styling: Corina Gaffey, Hair: Joanne O'Hara, Model: Lauren @ AR Model Agency.

Monday, October 29, 2012


I absolutely love Sigma Brushes and I am now the proud owner of their Performance Eyes Kit. All their products are of very high quality and at a great price too. It’s a must have addition to brush sets with its small precise bristles that apply product effortlessly into the smallest of areas around the eye. This kit contains eight very practical unique brushes that can be used with cream, powder and liquid based products. I have used these countless times since I received them and now I’d be lost without them in my kit!
Eyeliner - E11: The bristles on this brush are so tapered but still sturdy. It’s brilliant for getting in between the lashes with gel or liquid eyeliners which helps when creating a very natural look. I love having the option of a fine or more obvious line around the eyes and this does just that.
Tightline Liner - E16: This brush makes it much easier to line right inbetween the lashes and fill in any gaps with its flat shape.
Waterline Liner - E17: The bristles on this brush are synthetic, similar to the Tightline Liner brush, but shorter and firmer in comparison. They are also soft so it won’t create any irritation. Ideal for applying gel or cream based product evenly to the waterline creating a nice clean finish.
Smudge - E21: This is a great brush for achieving that perfect smokey eye. Its soft short hairs blend out shadow or eyeliner effortlessly and it’s also fantastic for applying a precise highlight under the brow bone or onto the inner corner of the eye.
Blending - E36: This brush is much smaller than Sigma’s standard Blending brush. It’s brilliant for applying colour right into the crease to create more depth or for a more natural eye look. I sometimes like to apply eyeshadow just along the crease area without going too far up to the brow bone and this brush is perfect for keep product more contained to an area.
Shader, Inner Corner - E46: These bristles are study and tapered with a slight tip. It’s great at applying colour tightly along the lower or upper lash line and to the inner or outer corner of the eye. I also like to use it for blending very small areas.
Shader, Crease - E47: This brush is slightly flat and firm. Its soft tapered hairs create a well blended defined application into the crease area and still has a sturdy feel to it controlling where the eyeshadow is being applied.
Shader, Lid - E56: This brush is great for applying shadow and building up colour onto the lids. It can also be used to fade colour into the crease and for blending.
Overall this kit is fantastic and just what I like to use for personal or work related makeup needs. Its small brushes help create more detailed eye looks and the price is very reasonable for eight high quality brushes. See for details. RRP $55.

Monday, October 15, 2012


These are some beauty shots from a test I did will fab photographer Eilish McCormick. I love working with lots of colour and I wanted to give an arabic makeup feel with a retro edge. I also did the nails for this shoot. Enjoy!
Model: Adrienne @ AR Agency Photographer: Eilish McCormick Stylist: Linda Conway

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Here's a sneek peek from a beauty shoot I worked on last week with photographer Eilish McCormick, Stylist Linda Conway and model Adrienne from AR Model Agency. I am so excited about this shoot and there will be lots more images coming soon!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Photography: Barry Mc Call.

Styling: Aislinn Coffey.

Hair: Trudy Hayes @Morgan The Agency.

Makeup by Me for Bobbi Brown.

Model: Teodora @ 1st Option

Monday, September 17, 2012


Here's a quick shot from my editorial shoot with The Gloss Interiors magazine. Lots more images to come.


Photography: Naomi Gaffey, Hair: Joanne O'Hara,

Monday, August 27, 2012


Photography: Daniel Holfeld, Stylist: Courtney Smith, Makeup: Me :), Hair: Pawel Solis, Model: Isabelle Healy.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I have just uploaded my new website! Please check it out on Thanks x