Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Since my last blog entry I have been using Sigma’s Premium Professional Brush Kit and it’s amazing!!! I just can’t get enough of these brushes and the quality really is fantastic as well as very affordable. I am quite fussy about what tools I use for my work but I have reached for every single one of these brushes. They are very practical and get the job done.
This collection consists of 15 brushes, which is a bargain! It also comes with a black faux leather roll perfect for traveling and very easy to clean.

Large Powder - F30: This brush is quite similar to the one in the ‘Make Me Classy’ set but with a slightly shorter handle. Its very soft, dense and nicely covers the face with powder to set foundation or to rid of any shine. This tool is also ideal for bronzer.

Tapered Face – F25: The shape of this brush is fantastic and perfect for blusher, contouring or highlighting. Its gives a precise natural application and its soft hairs are great for blending.

Duo Fibre Powder / Blush – F15: I’ve never had one of these brushes in my kit before and I love it! It’s round shape makes it perfect for applying liquid or cream blushers and highlighters. I also find it’s brilliant for blending and applying product effortlessly onto the apples of the cheeks and cheekbones. This is a must have for me.

Powder / Blush – F10: This is a medium sized less dense brush with very soft bristles. I found the shape great for applying powder blusher, highlighter or for a more precise face powder application.

Tapered Highlighter – F35: This brush is similar to a smaller version of the Tapered Face Brush so there is a lot more control. It’s great for sweeping away any eyeshadow from the under eye area as well as highlighting and contouring smaller areas.

Large Concealer – F65: This is brilliant for applying concealer to larger areas of the face and looks like a mini foundation brush. Its synthetic hairs holds cream based products very well and I find myself using alot less product.

Concealer - F75: This brush is one of the many must haves for any brush set. Its ideal for applying eye bases and cream shadows as well as concealer and its shape is round with a slight tip making it ideal for smaller areas and underneath the eye.

Large Fluff – E50: This can be used for the eyes and face with its dense natural bristles. It’s also a great brush for blending, highlighting and contouring.

Blending – E25: The E25 is a blending brush for the crease and lids. Its very soft oval shaped hairs packs on colour nicely. I also like to use this brush for cream shadows making it very versatile.

Tapered Blending – E35: I like using these types of brushes for setting any areas that needed extra coverage with powder such as blemishes or under the eye. It can also be used for blending and applying eyeshadow into the crease.

Small Tapered Blending – E45: This brush it a little smaller with a very precise tip. Its shape it great for applying eyeshadow into the crease or for anyone who has a small lid area. I also like to use this for blending eyeshadow and liner along the upper and lower lash line to create a nice smoky effect.

Flat Definer – E15: If you’re struggling to apply your gel or liquid liner inbetween the lashes then this is a must have brush. I like the sturdy shaped bristles, which gets right into small areas and it’s also brilliant for touching up where extra mascara is needed. It’s also wide enough to cover a good bit of area making eyeliner that less tedious.

Short Shader – E20: This brush is perfect for setting and smudging out eyeliner or for applying a highlight just underneath the brows. Its size also helps when I want to achieve a very detailed eye look with its short and round shape.

Small Eye Liner - E10: I like my liner brushes to be thin and sturdy enough so eyeliner doesn’t end up everywhere. I really like the effect that this tool creates and the hairs are a little bit dense making it more controlled even with liquid liner.

Lip Brush - L05: This has round synthetic hairs and is nicely flat which is great for applying even the darkest of lip shades. It comes with a cap too ideal for traveling.

Overall I think this brush set it brilliant and fantastic value. I was so excited to try them all out and haven’t been disappointed. These brushes have a practical purpose as well as most being really versatile.

This set retails for $149.00 and can be shipped worldwide.
See www.sigmabeauty.com for more details.

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