Monday, October 29, 2012


I absolutely love Sigma Brushes and I am now the proud owner of their Performance Eyes Kit. All their products are of very high quality and at a great price too. It’s a must have addition to brush sets with its small precise bristles that apply product effortlessly into the smallest of areas around the eye. This kit contains eight very practical unique brushes that can be used with cream, powder and liquid based products. I have used these countless times since I received them and now I’d be lost without them in my kit!
Eyeliner - E11: The bristles on this brush are so tapered but still sturdy. It’s brilliant for getting in between the lashes with gel or liquid eyeliners which helps when creating a very natural look. I love having the option of a fine or more obvious line around the eyes and this does just that.
Tightline Liner - E16: This brush makes it much easier to line right inbetween the lashes and fill in any gaps with its flat shape.
Waterline Liner - E17: The bristles on this brush are synthetic, similar to the Tightline Liner brush, but shorter and firmer in comparison. They are also soft so it won’t create any irritation. Ideal for applying gel or cream based product evenly to the waterline creating a nice clean finish.
Smudge - E21: This is a great brush for achieving that perfect smokey eye. Its soft short hairs blend out shadow or eyeliner effortlessly and it’s also fantastic for applying a precise highlight under the brow bone or onto the inner corner of the eye.
Blending - E36: This brush is much smaller than Sigma’s standard Blending brush. It’s brilliant for applying colour right into the crease to create more depth or for a more natural eye look. I sometimes like to apply eyeshadow just along the crease area without going too far up to the brow bone and this brush is perfect for keep product more contained to an area.
Shader, Inner Corner - E46: These bristles are study and tapered with a slight tip. It’s great at applying colour tightly along the lower or upper lash line and to the inner or outer corner of the eye. I also like to use it for blending very small areas.
Shader, Crease - E47: This brush is slightly flat and firm. Its soft tapered hairs create a well blended defined application into the crease area and still has a sturdy feel to it controlling where the eyeshadow is being applied.
Shader, Lid - E56: This brush is great for applying shadow and building up colour onto the lids. It can also be used to fade colour into the crease and for blending.
Overall this kit is fantastic and just what I like to use for personal or work related makeup needs. Its small brushes help create more detailed eye looks and the price is very reasonable for eight high quality brushes. See for details. RRP $55.